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Gunjan, Mother of a toddler.

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I started the homefit sessions from May this year, even though I used to workout and do weight training in gyms before my pregnancy ( 2018 and before that), I couldn’t even do 5 mountain climbers when I started homefit. I was happy that I am doing this at home and saving myself the embarrassment of showing everyone in the class how unfit I am. However, Juily kept saying in each class, for most if such exercises, “if this exercise is inaccessible to you try this beginner variations”, “keep showing up, you’ll get there”, she also gave her own personal examples “ I couldn’t do this exercise at some point in the past and now it’s accessible to me, just needs practice”. All this has been very motivating.

What I love about these sessions?

- it’s only 4 days a week (alternate days), so I don’t have to pressure myself to find 1 complete hour of dedicated exercise time every single day

- Juily posts the sessions on insta for viewing later, so on an off day if I feel like working out I can refer a previous session

- “Something is better than nothing” approach. In the beginning I couldn’t complete full 1 hr workout - low stamina! Juily kept saying do whatever you can, it’s fine. This kept me motivated

- Most importantly- IT IS EFFECTIVE!

- It’s for everyone!

I am very happy that I joined these sessions and am becoming a fitter person as a result.

If you think the classes are expensive, I’d say they are worth every single penny for their effectiveness and Juily’s hard work. We need to support great women entrepreneurs like her who are doing honest business and making the world more fit!


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