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About HomeFit

Why HomeFit

Suitable for Beginners & Intermediate Athletes

Join Live

or do it at your  convenience

Scientific program based on research

Clients from over 20 countries



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Are the sessions available 24 x 7

Yes, due to our global clientele, not everyone can join our live sessions. We also believe that life happens and there will be days we dont get up, dont feel up to it, feel sick or have other priorities.

To enure that you have no more excuses to miss a session, all our sessions are available 24x7


Why should I join HomeFit

 You will not find any other program that covers 

​ - Strength Training

 - Yoga and Flexibility 

 - Mobility

 - Belly Fat Burn

 - Cardio  

 - Functional Training

 - Guided Meditation

all in one program


Can beginners do these sessions

Our courses are based on a lot of scientific research. Each of our exercises will be explained keeping in mind the beginners / injured in the fitness journey.

We will also suggest mechanisms to increase the intesity for our more advanced clients.

At the end of the day, we want to ensure that you can push yourself to the limit without injuries


Where are the sessions held

Currently the sessions are held on Instagram. We are also working to hold the sessions simultaneously on our website. We will let you know when the same is available.

The classes are live 7am to 8am IST on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat


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