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Reverse Age with this Proven MetaboliX Strategies

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Do you know the difference between chronological age and metabolic age?

If no, then read till the end to understand more about chronological and metabolic age.

Your chronological age is the total number of years since birth, but your metabolic age is a measure of how fit and healthy your body is in relation to other people of your own age, based on things like metabolism and body composition. Metabolic age can reveal whether your body performs at a younger or older age than your chronological age, offering information regarding your overall health status that go beyond simply the number of years you have lived.

All MetaboliX clients reverse age when they start the MetaboliX plan, this is because in all our plans we include the following points:

-Strength Training:

Regular strength training has a significant role in improving physical health and overall well-being even at an older age.

-Helps in increased muscle strength and tone, boost metabolism, weight loss and maintenance, improved bone health, improves performance in various activities, positive impact on mental-health being, healthy aging.

-Improvement in Cardio-vascular function:

People can gain several advantages that combat some of the impacts of aging by engaging in regular cardio-vascular exercise into their daily routine.

These include:

Strengthening of heart muscle, better circulation of blood, reduces stress and improves stamina and endurance, reduce risk of chronic disease

Injury prevention and management:

People may change with an active and young lifestyle by priortising injury prevention via proper exercise, diet and lifestyle behaviours.

Lifestyle habit change:

Which includes sleep and stress management, hydration requirements and last but most importantly nutrition changes.

At MetaboliX we understand the importance of protein and vegetables as well as complex carbohydrates in the diet, we teach our clients to incorporate all these in a way which is unique to their body requirements, physical needs and fitness goals

Hope you found this information useful!

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