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Myths about Protein Powder

MYTH 1. Protein Powders are artificial:

No where is it stated that protein powders are artificial. It is like saying biscuits are artificial. They are made from atta and are secondary derivatives of atta which comes from plants. We give glucose biscuits to even 6m babies! I have given to mine.

Here is another fact: nan powder given to babies who are a few days or months old contain whey protein!! So how come we do that if it is that unhealthy?? To such small babies whey is fine ?? Pediatricians recommend whey containing nan to such tiny babies but for adults whey automatically becomes artificial and unnatural?!?! This is biased and unscientific hogwash am sorry to say!

Also protein powders are made from cows milk. They are as artificial or natural as say cheese or paneer or milk powder . It is a secondary derivative of milk . Why is that unnatural and other derivatives natural??

I would say if at all oats or even almond milk is unnatural because nowhere in the evolution of mankind has such milk been consumed.

I had come across an article where well meaning vegan parents decided that their baby should be vegan and fed the baby almond or soy milk and they were indicted for child abuse or something because the baby either died or had horrible health consequences.. babies need whey protein either via Mother’s or cow’s milk. So how come as adults milk protein powder becomes artificial for us??

Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks.

MYTH 2. Protein Powder can harm kidneys:

People with CKD or chronic kidney disease should limit any protein including protein powders. They also are on a very strict diet other wise wrt potassium sodium etc! The remaining healthy population can have protein in the form of powders and it will not affect their healthy functioning kidneys!

Nobody is saying have only protein whole day. Protein via whole foods or protein powders should be consumed for ones goals and lifestyle. But don’t demonize protein powders. They are healthier than complan, Horlick, bournvita, ensure (one of the worst foods) etc..

MYTH 3. Plant based protein is better than whey protein.

Plant based protein is NOT better than whey protein.

Only marketers say this who sell these powders. Our bodies cannot absorb plant origin protein well (remember we were hunter gatherers millions of years ago.. not farmers.. farming is a very recent phenomenon in the evolutionary chronology of man!)

Its bioavailability is lesser than milk based protein.

Plant based protein is a combination of many different plant sources (nature does not make protein efficiently in plants multiple sources have to be combined to make it a complete protein which contains all 9 essential amino acids! That too it is less efficiently absorbed by us humans)

Another interesting point is that inspite of being an inefficient form of protein, because of market perception and biased marketing, plant based protein is more expensive gm for gm if compared to whey protein.

Plant or vegan protein should be had only if you are lactose intolerant (even in that case whey isolate can be helpful)

Or if you strictly like the taste of it or psychologically you feel better having plant protein. But know that it is a slightly inferior form of protein to milk based sources or whole foods.

MYTH 4. Sattu is a source of protein:

Last but not the least: Everyone’s favourite Sattu is a high carb food and should be used to GAIN weight. It has very little bioavailable protein and is predominantly a high GI carb!

Sadly many people mistakenly take sattu as a protein source and put on Weight, belly fat and have high food cravings and worsen their health issues !

Once again let me reiterate Sattu is a carbohydrate supplying food and not a protein source. Use it in case you want to gain weight or maintain weight .. or include it for those who want to gain weight and also kids can have it as per a balanced plan.

But use it as a carbohydrate source and not as a protein source! Its protein content is incidental and negligible and also is less bioavailable. Just because some celebrity nutritionist endorses sattu as a source of protein, it does not change facts! You body functions on actual nutrition given to it.. not someone’s opinion about the same!

Also I believe that one should try and get nutrition from wholesome foods first and supplements can be used in addition to that if required. This is to be decided on a case by case basis and is not a one size fits all!

But let us not demonize a healthy supplement as something it is not. Those who are unable to procure enough protein, have healthy kidneys and are not lactose intolerant can give milk based protein powders a shot to meet their protein requirements and see how it affects their health? Their gut? Their energy levels etc..

There are many more myths which are embedded in our psyche and lead to disastrous health outcomes. Your health is worth the right research and decisions based on facts and science. Don’t fall for marketing propaganda!

There are many more myths which I keep addressing on my social media handles (please follow them)

For now will stop on this point. Will address dal as a source of protein soon.!!

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