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Metabolix Funda: “Health is like “Karma”! In our day to day life we make choices related to nutrition, movement, stress management and personal well being. The choices that you make today, will reflect how you look and feel after years to come. Prevalent lifestyle dysfunctions of tomorrow can be avoided by taking mindful actions today! Research driven health and fitness programs like HomeFit and EatFit are necessary in today’s world. Prevention is always better than cure.


About Metabolix

Juily Wagle the creator of the Metabolix programs is a ISSA, USA certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. She was not always fit and had her fair share of medical issues and fitness problems. A busy corporate banking job, marriage and then kids only pushed her fitness goals further away. Google, quick fix weight loss programs and other fad diet plans failed to work, adding to her disappointment. Eventually, she decided to approach her fitness goals scientifically. Juily studied fitness and nutrition. She took fitness so seriously, that she went on to win Mrs Maharashtra 2018 and IBBF Women’s Physique Gold in 2019.

As a mother of twins & having lived through the hectic corporate lifestyle, she understands the fitness challenges faced by working professionals. Years of studying, research, hard work and the experience gained during Juily’s personal transition enabled her to develop the Metabolix program. Thus, was born the Metabolix program to focus on realistic, and sustainable nutrition and fitness practices.

The Metabolix HomeFit program is a complete personalized home fitness program. The Metabolix EatFit program is a customized nutrition plan developed after carefully considering various essential factors like your medical condition, profession, age etc.

Juily Wagle

ISSA USA Certified Fitness Coach & Nutritionist

IBBF Women's Champion 2019

Mrs Maharashtra 2018

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