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Preeti Parameshwaran, 49, Banker, Mumbai .

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

My before and after weight loss journey….Juily was highly recommended to me by my dear friend Neisha who thought I would be successful in this weight loss program. I joined Juily around 6 months back and since then I have lost 13 kilos and counting…. Not only have I lost considerable weight and inches, my migraines have almost disappeared completely, I don’t huff as much when I climb stairs and my overall fitness levels have improved vastly. Juily’s method of losing weight has been most successful for me as I have tried various weight loss methods in the past only to go back to my original weight later. Her combination of exercises, diet and walk have had an overall impact towards my weight loss journey. Eternally grateful to Juily for having helped me thus far and counting on her to help me with my future fitness goals as well!


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