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Phone Usage at Night May Contribute to Weight Gain

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Been gaining a lot of weight and wondering why? Have you observed how much time you spend browsing through your phone at night? Fitness is not a goal, it's a lifestyle. There are many lifestyle changes one has to make in order to get and stay fit. Research conducted by the Universities of Strasbourg and Amsterdam suggests that staying on our phones at night is a habit we may have to quit if we want to avoid gaining weight. This is because the light emitted by our screens can actually cause us to have sugar cravings, leading to weight gain.

This is based on a study where researchers found that exposing rats to just one hour of blue light stimulated sugar cravings in them. The appetite of the rats was affected by the blue light which is emitted by our devices and made them more likely to choose to eat unhealthy food the next day. Their blood sugar levels increased as well, implying that the animals were unable to digest the sugar in their bodies, a sign of pre-diabetes.

It's the latest in a long line of research pointing to the dangers of using phones late at night, which scientists have previously warned could contribute to obesity. Moreover, avoiding screens at night has proven to be more conducive to sound sleep, which again is an important aspect of staying fit and healthy.

So, remove phones from your night routine, and you will feel the difference in your sleep and eating habits, and wake up happier and healthier too!

Try adding these to your night time routine instead

1. Low Impact exercises like planks, yoga or just brisk walks are great for staying fit and help you sleep better!

2. If you want something more relaxing, you can always meditate before bed to feel calm.

3. Journaling is another great hobby you can add to your evening routine, as a way to wind down and relax.

4. You can also read magazines or books right before bed to induce sleepiness.

5. Put on some soothing music, or white noise to relax and lull you to sleep!

Fitness is a lifelong journey we take to be better versions of ourselves, and each lifestyle change contributes to it.

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