Mangalika Dani, a working mom from Gurugram

Updated: Jun 14

Mangalika Dani, a working mom from Gurugram joined the MetaboliX Homefit Program post ACL surgery and has really come a long way in her rehabilitation and strength journey! This is what she wrote for us!

"Hey Juily...enjoying the sessions throughly. This is what I was looking for. Loving the sweet pain I had done a few of these exercise before my knee injury...and few forms are new and unique which you teach, am trying my level best to get the flexibility back...thanks to you!

@metabolix_homefit is the class I was looking for so long , it is a total package of mobility, flexibility, stamina and strength. I am loving it

Juily, you are a treasure of explain the exercises so well that helps to understand the correct posture!!

Kudos to Jyoti who checks on us regularly. Always look forward for your classes”