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Ishika Agarwal, HR Professional, Infosys, Mumbai

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I found out about Metabolix via PWN on Facebook and signing up with Juily has been the best decision I've made. I was initially a little skeptical about signing up because of my past repeated failed attempts at losing weight. However, Juily was quite understanding and gave me a diet plan that is extremely sustainable. She didn't cut out carbs nor did she ask me to starve to lose weight. She helped me understand the science behind losing/gaining weight and by the end of it I was quite convinced. I started the diet around 5 weeks back and I've already lost 6 kilos with the help of the diet and the workout plan. I am no longer tempted towards carbs/fried and I've learnt the art of mindful eating thanks to Juily. My skin has also started to glow due to the healthy choices I've been making. For anyone wanting to lose weight without starving, Metabolix plan is the way to go. Juily is very approachable and will answer the silliest of your doubts without any hesitation. She also helped me realize how I was focusing only on the negatives in life. So not only is she an amazing dietician, she's also an effective life coach! Thanks Juily!

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