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Attention Bhukkad Fitness Freaks!!!

In today's day and age eating out cannot be skipped, it's part of our social conditioning and enjoying it from time to time or even more frequently.

Does this means your fitness goals should be sacrificed and that you will never meet your goals?


According to MetaboliX principles, we believe that there's a balance between living life to the fullest and living responsibly in terms of your health and fitness .

Eating out should not be a source of stress when it comes to health goals if it is done mindfully and with purpose. Our bodies and metabolism are extremely resilient and usually an 80-20 rule can be followed in terms of eating right and eating for joy and enjoyment.

Here are some tips that all our MetaboliX clients follow and as a result enjoy great health inspite of eating out and socialising on a weekly basis :

1. Prioritise Protein:

Even if you are eating out, prioritize protein and ensure that it is part of your meals even in whatever form you may enjoy. It could be vegetarian or non vegetarian protein.

For vegetarian, paneer is the best option whereas non-vegetarians can enjoy a variety of non-vegetarian food like, chicken, fish, prawn, etc.

2. Ensure that the food you eat is not deep-fried but sauteed or steamed or stir-fried.

Lots of oil does not mean lots of taste. Also this will train your tastebuds to start enjoying healthier, fresher food so go for soup-based, broth based meal options not necessarily oily, deep-fried, cream based, heavy main course dishes, etc.

3. Make vegetables always part of your meal:

The vegetables could be in the form of salad, raita, soup, stir-fried, steam, sauteed, etc.

Non-starchy vegetables are the best when one is looking out to reduce calories and manage hormone health.

4. Ensure that the days leaving for your outing and the days after your outing are well-managed in terms of your food intake and that you stick to your plan.

If you can ensure activity even on the days that you cant go out like walking or exercising is great!

5. Ensure that you have lots of water especially if you have a drink or two, even without alcoholic drinks water intake is crucial because it will ensure that you don't mistake thirst for hunger.

Last and most important tip is,

6. Keep your sweets and desserts for the end of the meal.

Do not start your meals with sweet, calorie laiden foods as this definitely affects your glycemic load and has the least amount of damage on your fitness goals.

Hope these tips helped you!

We ensure that our clients follow all these tips and we equip them with many more customised, individualized hacks and tips to help them manage their health goals inspite of living inactive social life.

To work on your health issues inside out, please Whatsapp us on +91 9321539167 to get your program under the guidance of Coach Juily Wagle.

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