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Harshita Rai

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Where do I start, so I met Juily in 2015 at work, she has always been conscious about health but over the period of time her passion towards fitness, right food and nutrition grew manifold resulting in tremendous transformation in her and the reason of this positive change being her attitude towards fitness, desire for healthy lifestyle, knowhow of right workout techniques and eating right and I believe this is what she is out to offer via "Transform by MetaboliX" to those who aspire to be fit, to bring a positive change in appearance and feel confident in the process.

Juily is a true professional; she is immensely passionate about her work and she applies tailored approach instead of a generic 'One size fits all' approach while catering to her clients.

I was never a workout person but inspired by her now I workout minimum 5day/week and do some real weight workouts. I would highly recommend trying her sessions whether you are looking to burn fat, get fit or tone up!


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