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Archana Mascerenhas, Internationally renowned baker, mother of 3

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Last year when I got in touch with Juily Vinjamuri with all my issues... Menopause,weakness,Perpetual tiredness, Hairfall ,hot flashes and My Increasing WAISTLINE (37”).... I had no idea how she is going to turn me around. Once our conversation got over , she told me” Let’s get u to 28” waistline and I was like - here she goes now promising the moon... 😬😂)

1 year down the line... under her guidance and moderate workouts... here I am ..29” waistline (I’m back to where it was 29 years ago 😬)... though she keeps telling me that we haven’t achieved our target yet🙈

But seriously...In my case with so many complications (Menopause and Rheumatoid Arthritis)... I am not ashamed to put this on social media because I know many women can get help and know it’s manageable ❤️

Thank u again Juily for being there and gratitude.

Please note- I am still a paying client❤️

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