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Tania,37, travel entrepreneur, Mumbai.

I got to share this with you today... It's been 15 days since I joined... To be honest, I'm not regular with classes, firstly I can't wake up in the morning, so I do it as per my time at my own pace... At times I even take 2 hours to finish one session... Secondly, last one week I was suffering from low pressure and weakness, so sort of avoided any high-intensity exercises... Despite such less participation, i'm so glad to share that I can now bend my knees and do jharu, which I was not able to do last few months, my knees were in such bad shape that even if something falls on the floor, I call someone for help... One more thing, today I started chumming (my cycle generally postpones by 2-3 days every month, this time it preponed by 4 days), but I never realized that it will start... Generally, I have major stomach cramps, back pain, breast heaviness a week before it starts... This month it was so smooth, yeah have normal cramps now, which is still manageable, otherwise, I'm the most inactive person on Day 1...

If you remember these were my main issues why I started exercising along with my back problem... I hope that I can be regular with my workouts and be more flexible... More than losing weight I want to be strong mentally and physically... God Bless you.. Gratitude 🙏


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