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Shreya Lala, Senior Sales Position at Portea, Mumbai

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I joined homefit workouts in last week of August 2020 . I spoke with a couple of people / trainers before finalizing with Juily . The main thing I liked about Juily was approachable and encouraging that irrespective of health issues working out is always a good for the body and if any problems are there she will be there to guide around it . Even though I had planned to do only 2 workout in a week , the class was so well designed I ended up doing all 4. And have not missed more than 1 or 2 session till Feb now . Could also follow the class when on a short break as can use water bottles too. My strength and stamina increased within a month . In Jan I joined the nutrition plan with Juily . I was very resistant to diet plans as I thought they would involve starving or ignoring hunger . It took some time , but Juily convinced me that her plan will not leave me hungry in the day and so I joined . It took some adjusting to the nutrition plan , but after looking at the weight loss and inch loss of both me and my husband in a month was amazingly satisfying. And the plan is more of a lifestyle than just diet . I am pre disposed to having diabetes due to genetics , even had pre diabetic darkened skin at the base of neck which have now almost disappeared by following the nutrition plan and workouts .

Thank you Juily for always maintaining the standards of the workout and always being encouraging 😘.


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