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Radha Vinjamuri, Mom of 2, Mumbai

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I joined MetaboliX in November and I must say that has been the best thing I have given my self . It’s definitely recommend by us . It’s the best thing u can invest on for your self especially during this covid pandemonium c when we need to strengthen our body inside out . And hats of to Juily and the entire unit of MetaboliX to plan such wonderful and progressive and professional , well planned and amazingly executed and encouraging work out sessions .

I had basically approached Juily with a very confusing condition for me. I had lost weight before joining MetaboliX and was now dealing with a condition of broken muscles and loose skin . And was confused how continue my weight loss journey and also improve the muscle condition . She very patiently heard me out and help me with this fabulous work out plan and a fab nutrition program too. I know she had to work very patiently with me coz I gave her a lot of trouble with the nutrition plan as I was apprehensive especially with the intake of protein shakes and fish oil capsules in my diet . But hats of to her she convinced me one step at a time . And I can now see a wonderful change now in my self inside out . Not old my muscle has built but I have lost inches to and feel energetic and refreshed. My strength has improved tremendously with her fantastic HomeFit program. Can’t thank Juily enough. U can trust and follow and MetaboliX HomeFit and nutrition plan and surprise yr self with its wonderful result . Thank u Juily❤


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