13 reasons why you most certainly won't get healthier!

Updated: Aug 11

Too often, we have people start healthy regimens and fitness routines with loads of determination and gusto. Too often we have people who give up on their own health sooner or later. Why this dichotomy? Why cant everyone be healthy or at least not stay as unhealthy as they are currently? Granted that the manifestation of genetic disorders and expressions of predisposed genetic diseases isn't an entirely controllable factor. But a majority of people can indeed get healthier if they so decide. And yet, we have an omnipresent world diabetes/ obesity and lifestyle disorders based pandemic happening all around us even as we all grapple with managing the Covid19 Pandemic.

Here are my thoughts on why you can surely get healthier if you are so determined.These are followed by my thoughts on why you wont!

Healthy weight loss and health gain are based on common sense (which follows scientific principles usually). When you abandon common sense and accept fads/ trends for gaining health, you are enroute to Disappointville at best or Diseasevale at worst (sigh)! Below are just some of the examples why weight-loss while being easy to achieve if you focus on the right factors is still an unreachable goal for many!

1. If you are an Indian who loves eating prawn curry and rice, should a KETO lifestyle be a solution for your excess weight and health issues? Will you be able to follow this restriction of carbs throughout your life? If the answer is NO- why go down that rabbit hole in the first place. Any diet or restricted eating pattern is already hard on its own. On top of it you want to restrict entire food groups which are filling and help us remain energetic throughout our days and which are omnipresent in our surrounding and ever enticing our resolve ( gulp!) . Unless there is a medical reason why KETO is a good option for you, there is no need to force yourself into this highly restrictive and unsustainable lifestyle choice which will always test your resolve and will power perpetually! But you read that a certain filmstar lost 30 kgs in 5 months on KETO and that is why you will decide to follow it and that is why you will not become healthier.

2. Healthy weight loss stems from a sustainable calorie deficit and strives to enable the body to let go of fat mass whilst retaining or (if you are lucky) increasing lean muscle mass. Whether you restrict fat or carbohydrates or protein , weight loss will occur (albeit in a varied pattern based on your own unique disposition) Restriction of protein during weight loss diets will guarantee that you become skinny fat i.e. instead of a stronger, leaner and fitter you. Being Skinny fat means the same shape of your body will be retained post weightloss but in a smaller size replete with belly fat/pooch/love handles and other fat deposits intact!

3. You will want to lose weight by " just walking" everyday. 2 hours, 3 hours or whatever it takes to see 500 gms gone in 3 months. Good luck with that! excessive cardio activity increases the release of the stress hormone cortisol which loves to store belly fat. While some cardio depending on your requirements is useful, excessive cardio is detrimental to weightloss and body recomposition.

4. Next you will always want to workout early morning even though you are a night owl. Everyday you will say- Tomorrow I will get up and run etc, etc. We all know that that tomorrow unfortunately never comes! Workout as per your schedule and make the schedule easy for you to follow instead of adhering to a dogma of some random " best time to workout" The best time to workout is when you can workout. Period!

4. You will believe lies like weights make women masculine or bulky. You will stick to 1.5 kg weights and never do a squat because "It is so bad for the knees" and yet you will masquerade around in stilettos at work everyday.

5. You will keep walking on the treadmill till the end of time whenever you hit the gym or do 500 crunches or 800 squats in a single workout session and then wonder why the lower belly pooch doesn't budge, why your knees/lower back hurt!

6. You will eat only fruits for breakfast, salads and greens for lunch and a bowl of soup for dinner. What self discipline! In between meals you will " detox" by sipping on Diahorria causing chinese apple tea. doing this you will lose 10 kgs in 21 days. Wow- what progress! you will then become a self-proclaimed nutritionist and health coach! After all 10 kgs weightloss in 21 days is amazing? Right? Wrong! Refer to point number 2 above again please.

7.You will not touch whey protein powder with a 9 foot long pole because it is full of " chemicals" and " artificial" substances but will happily gobble down a full Lays chips packet or Oreo biscuits which apparently grow on trees not to mention the delicious drink "TANG " which also ripens on trees. I had a client dri Tang for 3 months EVERYDAY but refused to incude "whey protein" in her diet. Talk about health priorities! Whey is as natrual or as artificial as glucose biscuits or Tang. None come from a tree and all come from a manufacturing plant! The difference is that the last two will ensure that you overdose on sugar and fat while the former will help you reach your protein goals in an easier manner.

8. You will work out fasted to " burn more fat" and struggle to move a 3 kg dumbell from the floor to the rack since you lack energy to have any productive lifts in the gym. You will half-ass movements and never progress on your lifts and then search google for detox teas.

9. You will move about writhing and coiling like a fervent serpent in heat to move weight around in the gym and yet refuse to lower the poundage down because " you are a hardass like that" Proper form is for sissies. As long as you are moving the weight around, form does not matter right? Wrong. Form matters a lot to make proper progress in strength and hypertrophy areas.

10. You will refuse to hire a personal coach or trainer who can genuinely make it easier to reach your health and fitness goals. Instead you will google the latest routines and see the latest you tube videos and free load on your trainer friend to make up an effective routine for you which you promise to broadcast and give her some free publicity. You will also spend Rs. 20K on a new purse that just " reminds you of summer"! Again- priorities matter! If it was so easy, everyone would have flat bellies!

11. You will substitute rice with chapatti and expect your belly to instantly shrink by 6 inches the next day because " you are now dieting"!

12. You will waste your time and the unpaid for time of a nutrition coach only to take your husband's permission to start a new nutrition regime for weight loss.

13. You will save money by taking a month's plan instead of 3 and use that plan for 1 to 2 years because " why to waste money on the same plan every month when you can buy new clothes and make up instead" Our bodies change and adapt to meal plans and also our needs progressively change. Plans which are updated regularly tend to work better and provide a better overall health output rather than sticking to the same plan for month after month.

If you relate to any of the points above, you need proper and science based health, nutrition and fitness guidance . You also are in luck today because your first consultation with the MetaboliX team is FREE. Call/Whatsapp us on 9321539167 to book your FREE appointment now!

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