The Key to making lasting change in your life

Consistent Commitment.. Let me explain how..

Lasting change is hard. You may have the fierce will to change. You may also be extremely motivated. You may really really mean to make changes for the better.But somehow, life happens and you do not get to actually do the grunge work which is required to meet make that change happen.And somehow it is always beyond our control.

The cook didn’t show up. Your better half was travelling. The kids were sick. The dog had diarrhoea. The work just didn’t end. Exams. Just didn’t feel like working on it. Game of Thrones, well anyone?The reasons will not stop. But your fitness journey will come to a screeching halt if you allow these reasons to get the better of you. So, how do you beat this? How can you charge ahead in spite of having a million legitimate reasons to stop?Here is my secret:By doing something about your goal- every single day. Let me repeat it:If you want to meet a goal- any goal- Do something related to your goal every single day. Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So when health and fitness improvement are your goals- what should you do? Do intentional physical movement EVERYDAY. For a minimum of 20 minutes. Every single day. NO breaks whatsoever.For the first 100 days. Let me repeat it. "20 minutes of intentional physical activity for 100 continuous days." Something I’ll call: #20for100

Now let’s get to the semantics An intentional physical activity can mean any of the following: Walking or running outdoors or on the treadmill, vigorous dancing, weight-lifting, cycling, Zumba, body weight exercises, a brisk walk during office lunchtime – basically any physical movement which is intentional and for which you need to make some effort.But it has to be for a minimum of 20 continuous minutes AND for 100 consecutive days.

Now, cleaning house, gardening, washing utensils etc. does not count. The activity should be a fairly legitimate exercise type.

The easiest movement which can be done anywhere is walking or even better- brisk walking..In case you cannot leave home (for e.g. if you are a new mommy or if the weather isn’t that great), you could do some body weight exercises at home while watching  some freely available videos on YouTube like the  fitness blender workouts.

It’s really up to what you find convenient and doable.The exercise type is up to you.

The length of time (i.e minimum 20 minutes) and the period of commitment (100 days) are not. So then you say, you do not have 20 minutes to spare out of a total of 24*60 = 1440 minutes in a day? Sorry, No-Go! I do not believe it. I am sure you don’t either.Get up early, sleep late, finish lunch early, start for or from work early- just simply manage to squeeze 20 minutes in your day somehow and dedicate those 20 minutes ruthlessly and un-apologetically to improving your physical condition. At some point during this period, after the 20 mandatory minutes for the day are done, you will want to do more. After those 100 mandatory days, you will not want to stop. It’s a promise!

So if you find it hard to fit exercise into your schedule in spite of the best intentions – Do this much with commitment and gusto.Your life will magically expand to fit in physical fitness.

That’s it-Guard the meeting of this goal like your life depends on it. It is not negotiable at all. Just like good health isn’t negotiable. You have to earn it.


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