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Neisha Arya Saxena, Mother in Mumbai

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Immense gratitude and heartfelt thank you to Juily Vinjamuri and her super team Transform by MetaboliX

People who know me ... know I am an active sports girl.... but a big foodie too... and like most of us, when I see something yummy... its just attacked and straight disappears inside my mouth!!

Also, I don't hide this topic.... that in the past I have had severe clinical depression

for which I was on medication... and those Medicines reallllly killed my spirit and motivation.... and also made me put on a lotttt of bulk and fat.. which over the years I accepted as a part and parcel of "age" ( since I recently turned 40)

Covid and Lockdown was difficult for all of us... in so many different ways.... some had it way worse and its so sad to hear their stories.

For me..... I suddenly lost hope and will to carry on... the news of people loosing near and dear ones.. and the uncertainty of life greatly affected me and made me not want to do anything.... not even walk.... just wanted to sit in the same place and keep eating all day.... I was like a walking litter bin... walking around the home... whatever is not healthy.. chalte phirte I would just Mindlessly pop all those things into my mouth.

Sometimes things are just meant to be... and one fine day... I don't know what pushed me and without knowing her at all... I just texted and told her.. "Juily, I want to join your program... i feel hopeless and want my old self back!"

Bass..... that was the day! after that there has been no looking back

She is super strict about the diet plan when she needs to be …. but she is so so loving and caring as well! As a woman.. she understands exactly what we are going through when we have emotional swings (she has had a crazy journey herself!)

There are days I want to give up.. just not do anything.... but she is so sweet every time she pulls me up and puts me on track.... Had never met her personally till last week!.. but I feel I know her for ages!

For working out as well.. she is like a strict mother.. she will ask us to push out of our comfort zone.. but the moment she realizes we are having difficulty.. she will tell us to take it easy and say something sweet like... "everybody was a learner at some point in their life so don't be so harsh on yourself"

My ray of light in the past couple of months has been getting up each morning... and getting back on track with fitness and focusing on health and trying to eat clean.

I still do eat my favourite foods and also sometimes Junk food... but its always "Mindfully".

Everything is Online.. so no restriction of which city/country you are in! Juily does total kickass workouts and in her words.. all you have to do is "turn up for class"

Yes... her workouts are intense... but those who do it will agree.. she always shows 2 versions of an exercise: beginner and advance level.. so its not like a shock or anything.

It's always one single moment that changes your life and makes you want to push yourself out of that lethargy and Netflix + Junk food combo.. and that push for me was a post i read by a friend here itself on PWN

My way of paying forward the goodness is to post this.. to inspire many of us who are on the same road.. and just need a push.... to start their fitness journey !

So all of you who have been seeing Juily's posts on PWN and have been contemplating..... i would say... just blindly go for it....

Her plans are sure shot success .. all you need to do is just to follow her instructions..

One day at a time.... we all can do it.....

After all... its a small spark which ignites a fire !!

Cheers to a healthier and happier 2021 girls.. and thank you for reading.


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