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Kasturi Sen, mom of twins, Mumbai.

I've always been thin but the twin pregnancy left me a stubborn paunch that I hated and camouflaged but never thought I could get rid of... Juily changed that 'thought' and trust me it took her a lot of convincing... coz somehow when it comes to our body we can justify it in a hundred ways just to avoid confronting an unhealthy body... 'I do yoga on and off'... 'I cant do any more than this'... 'I walk a lot'...' I do a lot of physical work at home'.... ' I eat healthy food'.. all this means nothing if you look and feel unfit. she has inspired me to become fit and if I fall in the rut again she's the one ill go to.. coz I find her dedication, toughness, zest and belief in fitness absolutely infectious!


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