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Rujuta Pai, Lawyer, Mother

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It goes 4 months back when I had given up all hopes of regaining control over my health and weight issues.. However, one post of Juily around the month of January 2018 changed my perspective and gave me a ray of hope to be fitter and I though to myself “She is the one whom I should approach!” Trust me I approached her with Just “a ray of hope” but she gave me “the reason to believe” that yes I can bounce back and live a healthier and fitter life for which All I have to do is follow a systematic lifestyle change/ metabolix program personalised by her as per my body type! I put in all my trust in her vision and gave my 100% to the metabolix plan prepared by her for me and within few weeks I witnessed the transformation in me and happy to have the “New Me”.. Thank you Juily for leading me onto this great path!! So people out there if you really really wanna help “Yourselves and Transform into a New “You” then “ Transform by Metabolix” is the right place for you!


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