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Disha Teckchandani, Mom and Artist, Mumbai

I have seen Juily's journey and I was super impressed. However I didn't take her plan for a long time. When I did, I had several health issues and this was just before the lockdown. We started and I explained all the details and constraints to her. She asked me to seek medical help urgently and guided me to the right doctors who set me on the right path with respect to my health parameters. Thanks to Juily's proactive insistence, I took a second and third medical opinion and things were set in place.

Post that we focused on a good diet plan (I have diabetes) and a workout routine. Post lockdown I am doing her HOMEFIT workouts.

All in all, I have lost 8 kgs (just today I met my mom and she was shocked to see my transformation :))

The best part was that I didn't have to get exotic ingredients like quinoa, avocado, almond flour, ghee and what not. I live in a huge joint family and I cannot cook separately for myself. So I lost the weight having regular Indian meals and managing with home workouts!

Juily knows her craft, has empathy for people unable to follow some parts of her plan and she motivates you like hell !!

Joining her was the best decision I took health wise in 2020!

I highly recommend her for her expertise and knowledge on Women's hormonal issues, health and fitness.


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