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Archana Mascarenhas, Internationally renowned baker, Mother of 3

Metabolix is more about your fitness journey than about losing weight. I started it with a goal of losing weight, but soon realised that it is more than that..... it is about being fit, healthy, being able to manage stress, basically being new me!! First, it taught me how to eat to fuel and nourish my body... like adding protein to my meals, drinking more water, and all that without crazy diet you see/read on internet. Second, workouts, I used to exercise before too but I was never so focused, accountable...Juily gave me tons of exercises along with videos showing how to do them correctly. Juily is great motivator... she pushes you and see more in you than you see in yourself. For past 2.5 months I haven’t missed a single workout... its a habit now! That’s Metabolix..

Big thank you Juily for helping me find new me!! I just hope I continue this Journey and keep achieving those non-scale victories while maintaining health weight!!


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