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Avantika Kishore, Mom of 1, Mumbai.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I have been a hypothyroid patient for 12+ years. In the last 2 years added hormonal issues made fitness and weight loss a very difficult task.

I remember how doubtful I was initially. I had a long chat with Juily where I practically told her I didn't think she could reverse my issues. But as my meds were only partly effective, I had nothing to lose and only a good lifestyle to gain.

Slowly and steadily, the diet advice and workouts, all showed their magic. Breaking a habit and forming a new one needs a ton of motivation. I am so happy to reach that point.

In just over 4 months I witnessed inch loss, weight loss, improved stamina, muscle tone and flexibility.

All my family and friends are stunned at the change. The best is, I feel fitter and leaner than I have been in a decade.

I am thrilled to have shaved off 5+ kilos and 3 inches around the waist despite having a sluggish metabolism. All because of Juily's experience and focus. She has helped me achieve something I did not think I could.

Finally, I have to say that along with the weight loss, my hormonal symptoms have reduced significantly. This program has helped me where those medicines could not. Really a blessing.


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