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10 Ways Exercising Boosts your Immune System

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

fitness coach, immune boosting exercise, immune system boost, fitness coach online, online workout, homefit, immune booster exercise, weight loss trainer, bengaluru fitness online, mumbai fitness online, online fitness coach india Exercise can really offer immune system boost to your body which has been the need of the hour. Fitness coach and weight loss trainer Juily, through her HomeFit programme ensures that despite being on an online workout model, her coaches get the best of it. And immunity boosting exercises are one very crucial aspect.

Benefits of Exercise:-

1. Lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease

2. Cause immune cells to be more effective

3. Improve blood flow

4. Clear bacteria from your airways

5. Induce a temporary rise in body temperature that may be protective

6. Build antibodies to help fight infection

7. Lower stress hormones

8. Elevating your mood

9. Decrease inflammation, allowing the immune system to function more effectively.

10. Decreases risk of upper respiratory tract infections, such as the flu and the common cold. This is especially significant in the context of the ongoing pandemic which affects the upper respiratory tract.

According to studies, those who live a moderately active lifestyle gain the most from beginning and sticking to an exercise programme. A moderate exercise programme that can boost your immunity while offering a plethora of other health benefits could include:

● Go for a bike ride a few times a week

● Daily walks of 20 to 30 minutes

● Go to the gym every other day

● Yoga

● Swimming

Regular exercise can truly change your life for the better. It makes you feel healthy inside and out. To take the first step towards a healthier you, tap here or contact us on +91 932159167 to get your program under the guidance of Coach Juily Wagle today!

Our programs aim to help busy people stay healthy and fit scientifically and sustainably.


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