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Snack Smart, Snack Healthy: 10 Delightful Bites Under 100 Calories

Welcome, health enthusiasts! The afternoon slump hits, and the snack cravings kick in. But fear not! We've got your back with a list of 10 snacks under 100 calories that not only satisfy your cravings but keep you on the healthy track.

Fruit cup

1. Cup of Fruits:

When time is short, grab a cup of seasonal fruits (around 150g). Add a handful of nuts like cashews or almonds (3-4 pieces) for a wholesome snack that stays under 100 calories.

2. Go Nuts!:

In winter, switch it up with roasted or mixed nuts. Season them with a pinch of salt, pepper, or spices for a warm, crunchy treat (10-12 pieces).

Egg bowl

3. Egg Exercise:

Post-workout, turn to eggs. Create a healthy salad by adding sautéed veggies like onions, tomatoes, and spinach to eggs. Don't forget a pinch of Himalayan rock salt and pepper.

4. Breakfast Returns:

Repeat your breakfast for an evening snack. If there are leftover idlis, upma, or dosa, enjoy a small quarter plate to keep it under 100 calories.

Veggies bowl

5. Easy Veggies:

Opt for a cup of raw, blanched, or boiled veggies mixed with two tablespoons of hummus or cheese. Use chutneys as a tasty alternative.

6. Sauteed Paneer

For a filling yet kid-friendly option, go for 30-50g of paneer. Roast it on a tawa with your favorite spices and veggies.

7. Home-Made Dessert: Sweet and Simple

Craving dessert? Opt for fresh homemade curd. Add your favorite berries (around 100g) for a delicious yet calorie-conscious treat.


8. Popcorn or Fox Nut Seeds

During sports time, enjoy a cup of butter popcorn or fox nut seeds roasted with your favorite spices for a healthy and comforting snack.

9. Dry Fruit Laddoo:

Satisfy your sweet tooth with bite-sized laddoos made of sesame seeds, ragi, and dry fruits. Perfect for a post or pre-meal treat.


10. Chiwda or Masala Puff Rice

Indulge in India's snacking culture with chiwda or masala puff rice. Mix them with groundnuts, roasted chana, dry coconut, and your favorite spices for a flavorful, travel-friendly snack.

These snacks fit seamlessly into your routine without compromising your health. Choose what suits your taste and lifestyle best.

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Conclusion: Snack Sensibly, Live Well

Snacking doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure. With these smart choices, you can snack sensibly, stay under 100 calories, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here's to making every bite count! 🥦🍇


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